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REDIH - Applying for a Scholarship


Contact REDIH

Ms. Terri van Gulik
REDIH Coordinator


Funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health

Applying for a Scholarship Award

  1. There is one competition per year for REDIH trainee scholarships, held in July.
  2. REDIH scholarships are for 1 year, renewable for an additional year with the possibility of up to 4 years for PhD students.
  3. To apply to the REDIH training program, prospective graduate students or postdoctoral fellows must be first accepted by a supervisor who is a REDIH Mentor.
  4. For graduate students, the student must also be accepted by the Graduate program to which that Mentor belongs at their University. REDIH provides a scholarship and additional training that is meant to augment the home university's Graduate program.
  5. Trainees may apply at the start of their training with the Mentor, or at any point during their training period. For trainees with equal qualifications, preference will be given to new trainees.
  6. Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, and foreign trainees are eligible for REDIH funding.
  7. Canadian Trainees (Citizens, Permanent residents) eligible to apply for scholarships and fellowships must do so. If successful, they will continue to be able to participate in REDIH and their REDIH-related activities (e.g., travel) will be funded, but they will not continue to receive a REDIH stipend.

To apply, prospective REDIH trainees should contact:
Ms. Terri van Gulik
REDIH Coordinator

NOTE: Since REDIH is in the last half of the funding period (4/2009-3/2015), we are not accepting any new Mentors as of July, 2012.

If the STIHR program is continued and REDIH successfully applies for further funding, we would then consider new Mentor applications. For further information, please contact Ms. Terri van Gulik.

What scholarship funding support does REDIH provide?

REDIH traineeships provide $11,900 in funding towards graduate student or postdoctoral stipends. The Mentor and their institution are required to provide additional funds to bring the total stipends to at least $17,850 for graduate students and $36,750 for postdoctoral fellows.

Requirements for the REDIH Training Program

  1. REDIH Trainees must be accepted for training by a REDIH Mentor at the graduate or postdoctoral levels. Graduate students must also be accepted into the appropriate Graduate program at their Mentor's University.
  2. The research project must be directly related to reproduction or early development, and address some aspect of the question of how events during reproduction or very early development are important for health.
  3. REDIH Trainees are required to participate actively in REDIH Training activities, including:
    1. Attending the semi-annual group meetings
    2. Incorporating a co-supervisor for the project from among REDIH Mentors other than the trainee's own supervisor, preferably from a complementary research methodology or research area, is strongly encouraged.
    3. Participating in training modules, workshops, and opportunities including those outside of the trainee's own research methodologies and including knowledge translation, ethics, and clinical issues.